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Emmy Betiol has a career that was built over years of experience, expanding her taste with a range of different genres and concepts, which allowed her to create her music essence. Based on all her artistic evolution and love for everything that involves dark, atmospheric and hypnotic sounds, she feels the freedom to make these combinations that represent her. The dark influence is inevitable, whether in fashion, music, design or video art. She values all black overlapping shades, hybrid frequencies and mutable concepts within a monochromatic aesthetic, as a symbiosis that shows how everything is interconnected in her multiple ways to express herself. Throughout her career, she has always been involved behind the scenes of the underground scene in a determined and persistent way, disseminating ideas and contributing to the development of the electronic scene in her region. Co-founder of @PhobiaProject & Phobia Skin, techno label from Blumenau / SC. The proposal of the project is to strengthen techno in Brazil, projecting a dark aesthetic, both in fashion and in visual interventions. Resident DJ of Terraza Musik Park, a club that is a reference in the e-music scene in Brazil, located in Florianópolis / SC. She collects memorable performances alongside DJs / producers from different places in the world. Versatile, expressive and owner of a striking style, her performances are marked by a strong presence, which allows you to feel the techno with mysterious introductions and arrangements that range from the deepest proposals to the most intense and high frequencies, leading to a remarkable expressionism.

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Emmy Betiol PODCAST


Emmy Betiol [007]


  • 01.Dangelo (Arg) - Server Collapsed (Intro)
  • 02.Manuel Ro - Utopya
  • 03.Svreca - Reflective
  • 04.Svarog - Decimatio
  • 05.Akos Wex - Nazca Lines
  • 07.NICOLAS HEILMANN - Contratiempos
  • 08.Rasser - Subtile
  • 09.Crime as Service - Melissa
  • 10.Nitsuga (Arg) - Benefactor
  • 11.Korben Nice - Cosmic Rays
  • 12.Random Sequence - Safe
  • 13.V? PRVNTK - Rapture [Ezaüf remix]
  • 14.Svarog - Khidi (Aleja Sanchez Remix)
  • 15.Oliver Rosemann - Messproblem
  • 16.PØLI, Lorenzo Raganzini - The Last Station (Svarog Remix)
  • 17.Clotur & Dj Saint Pierre - Oumuamua