NIELL is an Argentine Dj / Producer who starts out by releasing his music on Mutant Records and Müldøøn Music, both TECHNO music labels. Born in Buenos Aires on May 27, 1978, he began his days as a DJ at the age of 25 playing at parties and clubs in Buenos Aires, having the opportunity to be part of Diego Cid's Sumergido cycle sharing the booth with XHEI, playing and always enjoying of TECHNO music. He influenced artists such as Xhei, Hefty, Niereich, DNS, OTIN, Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Oscar Mulero, Kyle Geiger, Rebekah, Jeroen Search and Christian Schachinger among others. Working hard every day of the week, posing days without leaving his house and his mini studio NIELL is a man who only thinks about progressing in what he loves the most, which is music and thus being able to develop his own musical identity that has been turned into synthesizers! I love machines and vinyls ... in fact I think the TECHNO sound on vinyl is the purest and most authentic. NIELL has a love for old school music and underground culture that he will never cease to belong to.

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Niell [005]


  • 01.Kolpos
  • 02.TIARNØLA - Angelus
  • 03.Tommy Libera - Bullshit (Lukas Freudenberger Remix)
  • 04.Toxic D.N.A - Dance!
  • 05.Alex Randal - Rane_[Mstr2]
  • 06.Void Spaces - Allan Feytor
  • 07.Kolpos
  • 08.PWCCA - Spectral hole
  • 09.Dark Clouds in Summer - Dykkon
  • 10.Inigo Kennedy - Stellation
  • 11.Mike Rud, Dezzet - Marafon V.2
  • 12.KICKREY - Alcohol Is Free (Roentgen Limiter Remix)
  • 13.Atze Ton - I Don't Like Say Goodbye (Vanessa Sukowski Remix)
  • 14.Kolpos
  • 15.Brecc - Exilled Mind
  • 16.CENSURE & Twins Project - C4
  • 17.ZAJON - Acid Mission
  • 18.Zoodiak - New Order
  • 19.Kolpos