Russ (ARG)


From Almagro, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2018, Russ began his career as a DJ gradually getting into the local Argentine scene, exploring various styles, until finally finding the greatest expression of himself as an artist in Techno! The effort and perseverance of this young artist, led him to share a booth with great national artists with great worldwide recognition such as Xhei, Kølpøs, YYYY, Josefina Muñoz, 04LM, Mariano DC, among others, and on stages such as Bahrein, Culto, Under Club as for name a few. Russ is not satisfied with just finding his sound when making a dj set, and decides to slowly enter the world of production and sound design in ableton, leading him to have his first release with CRISTIAN VARELA on the London label EMPHATIC RECORDS , thus driving his career to a great growth and recognition of great artists who have supported his music such as Arnaud Le Texier, Ian Axide, Dave Clarke, A Thousand Details, Pwcca, Casual Tratment, Vertical Spectrum.

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Russ (ARG) [018]


  • 01.Andres Cetre, Lizzy M - Metaverso (Original Mix)
  • 02.Clotur - Echo Chamber (Original Mix)
  • 03.BRÃ?LLE - A Work Of Fiction (Original Mix)
  • 04.Larix – Mordo (Original Mix)
  • 05.Angelo Stasi - Gravitational Forces (Original Mix)
  • 06.Milo Raad - Bad Luck (Original Mix)
  • 07.Audio Units - Autonomous Sun (Original Mix)
  • 08.Tehotu - Control your Escape
  • 09.Roll Dann - Intelligent Bears (Original Mix)
  • 10.BØHM - Mass Continuity (Original Mix)
  • 11.Dave Wincent - Storm Hunter (Original Mix)
  • 12.Exium - Erosion 4 (Original Mix)
  • 13.Mariano DC – Alternate Reality (Original Mix)
  • 14.Milo Raad - Short Fuse (Tool Version)
  • 15.Svarog - Urbanism (Angelo Stasi & Ã?Ti Remix)
  • 16.Perfo - A Pocketful Of Miracles (Original Mix)
  • 17.Quelza - Don't You Dare (Original Mix)